Business Consulting

This Division provides internal audit services , Accounting, Financial Reporting and Payroll, handling all matters that these areas need, and informing to users timely to make correct decisions.  

Among the services we provide we include the following:

Financial Report:

  • Advice on the adoption and implementation of IFRS for the first time.
  • IFRS training to finance staff.
  • Accounting support on special subjects and new standards.
  • Permanent assistance to support implementation of IFRS.


  • Accounting and financial Outsourcing.
  • Internal Audit.
  • General accounting process.
  • General forms and confidential Outsourcing.
  • Update accounting records.
  • Depuration and integration of accounts.
  • Monthly bank reconciliations preparation and balances between companies, balancing of main and subsidiary records.
  • Goods and fixed assets inventory.
  • Review of internal controls processes that support financial reporting.
  • Implementation of business processes.